Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meeting: Tues Jan 4: The Code is the Design

Presenter:  Mark Haskamp - @markhaskamp

The Code is the Design.
In 1992, Jack W. Reeves wrote an essay titled "What Is Software Design?". In the essay Reeves makes the claim "that final source code is the real software design." It should be required reading for the IT profession. 

We'll explore the concept of 'Code as Design' in depth with a review of the essay. We'll also examine current day examples that provide further proof for Reeves' claim. Finally, we'll discuss how we can take the notion of 'Code as Design' and apply it on the job to make us better developers (or should that be 'designers'?)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meeting Tuesday Nov 30th (Note the Date)

A Special December Meeting will actually be held in November on Tuesday the 30th.
Please note that this is not our normal meeting date.  We are meeting a week earlier in because some special people are in town and have agreed to stop by and talk with the group.

Speaker: Chet Hendrickson 

... will take question in an interactive session.
We are expecting a lot of interest in this talk so Registration is Limited to 55 seats

* Updated (18 Dec)*  
Things Chet talked about: