Thursday, May 13, 2010

June and July Meetings

Meeting Topics for June and July
1st June
      • Agile Expert Panel (RSVP)
      This will be a forum for answering any remaining questions generated by the Cincinnati Day Of Agile.
      Cincinnati Day Of Agile sold out in 20 hours, and the registration process generated many very good questions about adopting Agile Processes.  There are more questions on the list than can possibly be answered during the Cincinnati Day Of Agile Panel-Discussion. So we opened up our normal monthly meeting to continue the discussion.

      * We moved ProtoNight to July to so that our meeting could help continue the discussions started at the Cincinnati Day of Agile.  Since our meeting was 2-weeks after the conference, the timing was good to keep the momentum moving.  
      6th July
      A "ProtoNight" is an idea presented by Craig Muth (@trogdoro) for his group in Columbus. We thought it would be fun to run the event here in Cincinnati for an Agile Round Table meeting.
      This is how Craig describes it  []

      Please join us.