Thursday, June 6, 2002

Group History

2002 July 6th.
The xpcincinati mailing list was established.

2002 October 21st.

The first meeting of the XP-Cinci Users Group was held in conjunction with The Cross Platform Expo at MAX Technical Training Center.

The date was: Monday, October 21, from 6 to 9 p.m.
Sponsors of the Expo were:
  • The XP Users Group
  • The Cincinnati Java Users Group,
  • The Linux Users Group,
  • The .Net Users Group
Mark Windholtz gave a management presentation on Extreme Programming and held an organizational meeting for xp-cinci afterwards.

2002 Nov 5th

Meeting space was provided by the Children’s Hospital department
of Pediatric Informatics.

2003 Jan

Our ideas get some LocalPress
coverage for Lean Software Development


Meetings and Events:
  • wiki was setup for the group
  • Code review of Fit framework internals.
  • Example of FitNesse usage.
  • Local XP project lessons learned from SDRC
  • Started projects ecal in java and Ruby
  • Iteration planning


Meetings and Events:
  • Wiki was spammed and deactivated
  • Development in ecal java and ruby continued.
  • Various tools and techniques were expored.
  • automanted builds
  • clover java code coverage
  • fitness
  • Experiments with Architectue refactorings
  • Built ecal on servlet spec. on tomcat
  • Built ecal on Fitness core server
  • provided one-step setup

2005 January

  • Viewed the RubyOnRails video on the web and decided to investigate Rails as an Agile platform in addition to the ongoing work in Java.


  • John Wilger set up and this typo Blog.
  • Meetings on Ruby
  • Meetings on Rails
  • Launched support for xpcinci-projects
  • Many more free discussions topics
  • JRuby
  • OpenSpace

2005 Dec 6th

  • Introducing Extreme Programming 2nd Edition

2006 Jan 3rd

2007 May

  • renamed the group Cincinnati Agile Round Table (CART)
    We think this will better reflect the topics and interests of the group. We are interested in more than ExtremeProgramming. Currently we talk a lot about Ruby, and expect to explore Erlang in the near future.

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